Which mistakes a developer (-group) with an excellent innovation can make? It is necessary to protect innovations with influence on big market volumes against aggressive interest groups!

Protecting the innovation is point 1.

Organizing a supporter group is point 2.


Say goodby to the idea, that a great solution of a big technical problem with immense profit for everyone in society will be implemented automatically! Not, if there are strong organized interest groups, which could loose a lot of influence and money and which know how to play the game. A society, adhering to the idea of automatic implementation of each much better solution, could be frustrated for years, even for decennia. In the presence of strong interest groups with powerful instruments to push their will through, a strong supporter-group must be organized to put through the interests of society. A counterweight must be implemented.

Perhaps you cling to the idea, that such a supporter group is already present: the government. But in that case you could be mistaken: big interest-groups use to infiltrate the government. The most powerful instrument of such interest groups is an infiltrated government. Infiltrated governments are no countervailing forces, but the opposite. Easily they can make the public believe, that the utmost best is done, while they are suppressing great innovations.

In regard to cheap clean energy we are frustrated since decennia.

Now the said technical solution is present. A supporter group, big and strong enough, not yet. But we started to set it up.


We have built an action group† to put the cce-development through. Imagine the potential of the group! See it grow, see it become larger, see it become stronger, see it finally stronger than the opponent. See it putting the cce-development through! See society profiting enormously from enough cheap clean energy for all and everything!


You can join as promoter (a function for members of parliament, for journalists, Ö ).

Or as businesspartner† (a function for people with money)

Or as technician with special skills (improvement of system parts is always going on; that helps to lower the price of the system still further).

Or as worker in the field crowd-sourcing. Never forget: a big thing is composed out of small things: the earth globe is composed out of atoms, the sun is composed out of atoms and the melk way is composed out of atoms. A billion Euro is composed out of cents.† Crowd-sourcing makes sense.


Interested to become a member of the supporter group? Then please address us by letter and we shall send you more information.

Postaddress: cCE-Group, NL 2625 AG Delft, Griegstr.7 (post, not office)


There is now hard technology to solve the big problem cheap clean energy - on the one side. But on the other side there is no social technology to put the solution through in a slow society with strong hostile interest groups using a set of powerful instruments to sabotage true solutions and using another set of proven instruments to confuse the innocent public about the possibilities of clean energy in general, and, as soon as it is known, as soon as they cannot silence it to death any longer, about the character of the present solution (99% of the people are no energy specialists and can be confused easily. They donít even possess basis knowledge in regard to energy). Thatís the situation.


In order to protect the solution against robbery and sabotage, it is necessary to hide it (we have choosen for hiding it in several semi-independant secret cells, not in one cell only).

In order to make clear, that a solution is present, it is necessary to go into the public and let the great message hear.

To hide and to present: that seems to be a contradiction. Indeed, we have to exercise a splits! We need the secret cells, and we need talking cells, the public group. Conclusion: we need 2 different groups with different tasks.

The splits is possible, because the talking group can talk about parts of the innovation. Not about the full content of the innovation, but over parts.


The situation is difficult. Letís talk a bit about these difficulties to let people understand!


You cannot simply show the solution. With a prototype only you cannot fully convince the audience, which you can reach. With 1000 machines in full scale, working perfectly, and with a big well trained promotion team, you could reach and convince the public. But you donít have 1000 machines because of lack of money. And you donít have the said promotion group. And the massamedia, controled by the interest groups, reporting / writing over 10.000 unimportant matters day for day, avoid carefully to transfer one single word from you over your solution to the people. In order to be on the safe side, they could report, that the cce-group pretends to have a full solution for cheap clean energy. But in place of that they avoid to report one word. Why? While showing the working prototype you donít fully convince the public, but give full information to hostile interest groups.† After such a failing they can start their proven means to sabotage. As long as we hide the set of innovations, they donít know what they have to sabotage and can do nothing.

If you are thinking, that we could patent the series of innovations and then talk about them: forget it! The patent office is patenting only innovations, the top people there want to patent. And really important innovations in the energy field they donít want to patent at all. Try it! Infiltrated by big interest groups the patent office can frustrate you. You will find them reacting with: ďWe donít understand your paper.Ē We have tried it in an early stage of the development and were cheated. Later we heard from (other and honest) officials: ďThatís common practice here. Thatís practice of the tops of the office, not of us. They overrule our judgement, whenever they want. We donít have power.Ē† Negative for the cheating office: they cheated too early. A series of innovations followed after the first one. The first one is now public, without patent. But we were warned and didnít try to patent anything more. We began to hide instead. We hided during 10 years, while the development went on. Adaption to the hostile environment! After 2 further innovations in 2012 on top of the earlier ones we have a full solution now. Our technology can deliver as much clean energy as wanted. And cheap!

What do you think is the role of the government? Perhaps you are thinking, that the government could relieve the pain: But take a closer look: The ministers for economy and energy are only playing games to convince the public, that they are doing their utmost best to get clean energy. If you are an energy expert you can see, that they are playing the card of the Multinationals nearly openly. While suppressing cheap clean energy, they are promoting expensive clean energy technologies, which can never be a solution, supporting them with subventions, wasting your tax money, producing a lot of contradictions in the process. Look closely! You can see it! The interest groups with their under-cover-people in the government have the instruments today to put their will through.

A great solution is in danger to be silenced to death: no entrance into the controled massamedia. It is in danger to die from starvation: no entrance into the money world: each credit from banks cut off. A lot of dangers which can suffocate the solution! Unless there is a supporter-group growing and getting stronger. Thatís a way to put a solution through for the great benefit of society. Cheap clean energy is giving cost relief to the people, improving life in many ways.


When you become a member of the supporter group, it helps a lot to have a good understanding of the government. See government. Which criterias should you apply to see clearly, what the ministers are doing really? Is the government white, black, grey? Or has the description of the situation in the government to be more detailed?


In the situation of today, many doors shut by interest groups, we must try to get the money to build 1000 perfectly working machines (or some less), before the opponent has got the full information. Thatís the game! We must keep our secrets long enough, hidden in the secret groups, repeatedly present in such a way that they cannot be crashed and eradicated by a surprise attack as seen earlier (1998, Stanley Meyer). Learning from made mistakes! Entrenching our crucial information surely in group 1, talking via group 2, spreading the open parts of our information and the great news of a complete solution, we have to convince enough members of society to give the means to build. Part of the work is to stress the fact, that the necessary means, they should give, are only a small part of their ongoing losses to the dirty-energy-group. Isnít it problematic to hesitate on the one side while feeding on the other side the parties with the badest reputation amply? See your high and still growing energy bills, electricity, gas and gazoline! See, that high energy costs are inflating the prices of all other products. All other products are made using energy! All other products will decline in price with cheap clean energy.


Have we made clear the situation a bit?

Do you want to become part of the talking group 2 in one of the said functions, supporting us by spreading the information? Then please address us via cCE-Group, NL 2625 AG Delft, Griegstr.7 (post, not office),

and we shall send you more information.

What can you do immediately?† Spread† www.cce.jaaaa.net !

Try it! People are curious and start reading immediately.

Copy† www.cce.jaaaa.net 100 times on a sheet o paper, cut 100 times and have it ready for all situations. ďBy the way: Here! Thatís interesting. Read it!Ē

No friend, no acquaintance, no neighbour without this information!


cce = cheap clean enough.

cce = cheap clean energy.



Social technology to put great innovations through in a hostile environment is on the rise. Do you have suggestions to add a new element to the social technology? Then donít hesitate to address us.

Society can rise head and shoulders above cheating interest groups, because society is big and interest groups are small. But society has to set up a capable countervailing force with sophisticated instruments to reduce the influence of organized interest groups to the proper size. Letís make that happen together! Letís climb a bit higher on the ladder of social culture!


TOPtech Innovation and cCE-Group

cheap Clean Energy Group, NL and Germany



Learning from failings of other cCE-inventors.

Not even a camel is repeating its mistakes continuously!


Please see photo below


crowned with success


in an hostile environment

cce.jaaaa.net††† Government††† Armstrong Award